MEAF is an established organisation helping, supporting and assisting integration of ethnic Albanians in the Midlands, the UK.

Albanian 'Flag Day' Celebration-Birmingham 2014

  • A brief history of MEAF

    Midlands Ethnic Albanian Foundation (MEAF) is a charitable organization registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales which was created on 8th March 1998 with delegates from Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester as well as invited guests of honour from the Albanian Community in London. In 2000 MEAF became officially recognized as a Registered Charity.

    During these 16 years of its service promoting Albanian integration into local community, MEAF has helped and supported a large number of Albanian speaking people with language needs and communication, assisting them with education, health, immigration, social welfare, housing needs  and integration in the British culture.

    In recent years we have actively engaged with other local and national organisations of various backgrounds and nationalities in campaigning on human rights and promoting equality issues for our communities in the Midlands and beyond.

    In addition, MEAF prides itself in bringing Albanians together, supporting adults to integrate in the local society, embracing their values and culture. At the same time assisting their British - born children with parent - child communication by engaging them in creative community activities to enhance and preserve their native language and culture.

  • MEAF Networking at Westminster Parliament

    MEAF and other charity representatives during a networking event at British Parliament, which was organised by Ardhmeria UK in conjunction with All - Party Parliamentary Group for Albania.

MEAF during a networking session.

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