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           Mr. Edison Lami                                           Miss. Denada Gjevori                        Miss Stefani Gjevori 

Message from the Chair

I am newly elected Chair and I feel proud as well as with full responsibility to represent our charity, working with Albanians in the whole of Midlands and beyond. I want to be part of your lives in helping you all to settle and integrate into the British culture and way of life. Furthermore, I would like to push MEAF towards new boundaries and limits in supporting Albanian Community in many more areas of life than ever before.

In the recent years, like many other similar charities, MEAF has faced a lot of challenges, pressures, competition and difficulties and yet it finds itself regenerated with new Trustees coming on board, a new website, enhanced communications system and much more, that has become available in the 21st century technology system.

I understand that the beginning is very difficult for every new comer and most particularly for those who for one reason or another have had to leave their home and settle here in the UK. I remember when I came to the UK in 2006 as a student and I had no one to support or guide me and that’s why I want to make sure that our charity tries to reach out and support everyone in need.

I am for a strong and solid base of MEAF members and as such would urge whoever hears about us, please subscribe to our website and do encourage others to do the same, where you will get updated information about our community activities, services and news regarding Albanian community in UK and overseas. Our power stems from you as members and supporters. The more you engage in supporting MEAF, the better we can do for you.

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Trustees, staff and volunteers, teachers and supporters who have joined in supporting MEAF organisation over so many years. Without your time commitment and relentless support, we would not be here today. Thank you!

Moving forward, I would like to invite anyone who is interested in furthering the good work of the Foundation, to get in touch with us and we would particularly be welcoming new trustees and volunteers with the right skills who would like to make a positive change and have a good impact on the Albanian Community. Together we will succeed.

Edison Lami

MEAF Chair

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Last updated in October 2017

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